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I specialize in all types of web sites. Let someone who takes pride in his work and has excellent references, build your next website.

Web Site Design Development:

  • All web sites have three basic elements.
  • A domain name
  • Host/ISP - where the web site is physically located and operates
  • The website pages - what the customer sees

Web Site Development and Business Strategy

Push business to your site: Extensive use of traditional marketing channels (newspaper, TV, Trade magazines etc, etc) and PPC (pay-per-click) as well as sponsored placement. Strategy is to push sales leads to your web site.

Pull business to your site: Moderate use of marketing channels. Strategy is to use combination of traditional marketing channels and search engine optimization to drive sales.

Reference Sites

These sites have a few changes over the course of a year. These are businesses where change is minimal and the goal is to establish a web presence.

The key to a successful web site is to understand the type of business you are and balance your advertising/marketing costs between these types of web strategies.

What you need to ask your Web Site Developer

What is Search Engine Optimization? In other words, when you search for a key phrase in Google, does your web site appear on the first page ?

Are they Ethical and follow the Search Engine's Guidelines, failure to do so will result in your web site being omitted from Google or Yahoo

Web Site Development

  • Interested in a web site for your business ?
  • Not sure of what to do next ?
  • Not sure of the cost or true benefit of a site ?

Do you have a web site and your

  • Not getting sales
  • Not getting hits
  • Not getting any return on the investment (ROI)
  • Not getting good placement in GOOGLE or YAHOO

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